One Life Adventures – Japan

Tour Package: 1500.00

Discount Price: 30%

Itinerary: Amazing

Duration: 10 days

Main Attraction: Gion district

Star Rating:

Start in Tokyo and end in Osaka! With the adventure tour One Life Adventures – Japan, you have a 10 day tour package taking you from Tokyo to Osaka and through Tokyo, Japan and 4 other destinations in Japan. One Life Adventures – Japan is a small group tour that includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, meals, transport and more.


  • Soak up the unique atmosphere of Japan
  • Grasp simple Japanese phrases and learn to make sushi
  • Travel by bullet train and spend a night in a temple
  • Stroll the streets of Takayama and visit the Gion district
  • Explore Osaka and wrap up your tour with a karaoke

Japan is a magical place where old and new collide. A country full of incredible natural beauty, futuristic cities of neon, world-renowned food, and a culture steeped in tradition. Japan has a way of enveloping you from the moment you step off the plane. The unique culture and friendliness of the people will stay with you forever. From partying in the famous Shinjuku area of Tokyo to walking down the stone paths passing Geisha in the Gion district in Kyoto, One Life Adventures – Japan is a backpacking adventre tour and will show you the best of the country in 10 days. Starting in Tokyo and finishing in Osaka we explore the iconic areas of Japan plus some places off the tourist trail. By the end of the 10 days you would have lived and breathed the Land of the Rising Sun.