The Guide to Booking and Saving

Online travel agencies like act as the go-between for you and travel companies, helping to facilitate all your travel needs. — as the name suggests — focuses on accommodations. Let’s take a look at how works, its loyalty program and ways to save money when booking with

How does work?

Like other OTAs, works to bring together a variety of accommodation options. Once you’ve input your information, you’ll complete a search and the website will return its results.

Perhaps the biggest benefit you’ll find when searching through an OTA rather than a single hotel’s website is that OTAs will gather information from multiple sources. This means that you’ll find results from several hotel chains, such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and boutique hotels — all in a single search.

In contrast, searching through Hilton’s website will only return you results for available Hilton hotels.


How to earn and redeem reward nights has a very unique reward system when compared to other loyalty programs. Members receive a “stamp” for every eligible night that you stay with a hotel booked through Once you’ve earned 10 stamps, you’ll be able to redeem for a free night.

The value of your free night will vary; uses an average of the nightly price you’ve paid in order to give you a value for your stay. This means that if you stayed five nights at a rate of $50 per night, and then another five nights at a rate of $100 per night, the total value of your free night would be worth $75.

Note that the free night doesn’t cover taxes or fees — and if the hotel is less expensive than the value of the free night you’re redeeming, you won’t receive a refund. This means it’s in your best interest to book a hotel as close to the value of your night as possible. elite status has two levels of elite status: Silver and Gold. These tiers are based on how many nights you’ve stayed with the hotel in a calendar year and grant you extra perks and discounts at certain hotels.

Silver elite status

Silver elite status is earned after spending 10 nights with in a calendar year. As a Silver member, you can expect a few different benefits, including:

  • Free breakfast, Wi-Fi, spa vouchers or more at VIP Access properties.

  • Price matching guarantee until the time you check in.

  • Priority customer service.

Gold elite status

Earned after spending 30 nights with, Gold elite status grants even further benefits:

  • Complimentary room upgrades at VIP properties.

  • Guaranteed late checkout and early check-in (when available) at VIP Access properties.

These benefits are in addition to those that Silver members receive.

Ways to save money by booking through

Maximize the best price guarantee has a very competitive best price guarantee program. Unlike some other websites, which only allow you to submit a claim within 24 hours after booking, will match the best price all the way until the day before check-in.

If you’re a Silver member or above, the best price guarantee gets extended all the way until you check-in, so it always pays to scan for new pricing.

Use coupon codes

Whenever you’re online shopping, it always pays to search for coupon codes before making a purchase. is no different. You can sometimes find incentives to customers such as double stamps and discounted hotel rates.

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